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  • Developer: Chimera One Games
  • Platform: Xbox One|PS4|PC|Nintendo Switch
  • Release Date:
  • Genre: Shooter
  • Reviewed By: Ryan Holmes
  • Price: TBA
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BulletRage: Intense twin-stick arcade shooter for 1-4 players. Survive twisted challenges, crush countless enemies, wield insanely devastating weapons, conquer brutal traps and storms of bullets.

A truly hardcore, destroy everything, arcade smashing co-op experience. Unleash your BulletRage! You are a contestant on an intergalactic game show. The prize? – The continued existence of your species! Conquered by an alien race – we must now survive this unnatural selection or face permanent extinction! Our final test is to broadcast across the galaxy – Prove humanity’s worth using our greatest assets – BULLETS and RAGE!

So we were approached by these guys asking if we would like to review their game, and to be honest? I'm so glad we did! Never have I experienced a game like this, especially with the twitch intergration where people can help or hinder you!

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Currently the game is in beta stages with plenty of content yet to come, however it is more than playable and you're still able to enjoy the absolute carnage that comes with this game. You pick your gun from the first screen, and each gun has a different special ability. Once you have collected enough 'Rage+' points you can unleash hell on your enemies. During the rounds (if you have synced it up to your twitch), your viewers can 'Help' or 'Hinder' you. This means that they can either give you perks such as multi-shot, life drain and so on, or they can make your level difficult by throwing as many enimies as they can at you! I decided I would stream this when I first downloaded it, and little did I know, I was joined by the developers themselves who completely trolled me. Kudos to you guys! However, I enjoyed it because it made it more fun to play as they constantly spammed the chat with commands that were being registered into the game.

I held up as long as I could before running out of lives and hitting GAME OVER. Moving away from running around a normal level, I decided to hit up the Battle 100 mode!

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From here, I battled my way through wave after wave of aliens and robots, followed by obstacles, mini bosses, and the constant trolling from the developers. The game became harder and harder, but I stood my ground as I finished round by round and was able to reach about half way through the battle before losing all of my lives. The game is so playable it might as well be fully released, however after talks with the developer there are some major updates yet to come to the game and with a kickstarter about to hit the internet too, one can already see this game becoming quite popular amongst the bullet hell, top down and multiplayer communities within the spaces of the internet.

Multiplayer function is enabled on the game already but presently it's restricted to local split screen modes. Despite that, we do have access to a leaderboard within the game which consists of the  best times and scores. Moving away from gameplay, graphically it's beautifully done. We aren't looking at pixelated graphics here!

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The graphics are extremely well done and are very nice on the eyes, with plenty of bright blinding effects that would make rainbows appear out of your mouth! I personally had a lot of fun and I know whoever gets their hands on this game will also enjoy it. I already expect my friend Captain Coffee to be all over this game when he finishes System Shock 2!

Ryan's Tips & Tricks!

  1. Roundabouts - I was recommended to play with a controller and I can see why! I do not have a controller but the trick will still work - SPIN SHOOTING!
  2. Double Dash! - Your dash is controllable, so if you find yourself being surrounded; dash the hell 'outta there!
  3. I'm a firin' my lazer! - When you get rage, make sure you time it so that you can just re-establish a good rage bar so that you're not leaving yourself short!
  4. I fight with a spork! - When choosing your weapon, the rages are different so make sure you choose wisely! You can test all the guns out by changing your character
  5. THIS IS SPARTA! - When you see a massive wave of enemies heading your way, and twitch is enabled, you know it's come from your chat, so use your secondary attack along with 'Dash' to get you out of tight spots!


The craziest bullet hell game you'll ever play!


9 / 10

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