Deathpit 3000

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Deathpit 3000
  • Developer: Cyberlamb Studios
  • Platform: PC|Mac OS X
  • Release Date: 2017-12-01 00:00:00
  • Genre: Shooter
  • Reviewed By: Ryan Holmes
  • Price: £2.99 / $3.99
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DEATHPIT 3000 is a top-down co-op bullet hell shooter where you fight waves of enemies to claim arena championships! Choose a quantum ability that promotes offensive or defensive play-styles as you battle your way through four distinct Deathpits and slaughter hoards of deadly enemies to earn Spacebux and unlock weapons, equipment and upgrades, all in a humorous dystopian sci-fi universe.

Inspired by retro classic Smash TV and influenced by modern co-op titles such as Left 4 Dead and Alien Swarm, it’s a punchy experience - great for casual gamers but with enough challenge and tactical depth for hours of replayability.


  • 2 player online co-op

  • 1-4 player local network co-op

  • 4 championships

  • 4 powerful quantum abilities (shield, group teleport, lighting attack and invisibility)

  • 5 voiced playable characters

  • 6 tactically distinct, upgradable weapons

  • Grenades, mines, jetpacks, armour, deployable walls and turrets

  • 13 enemy types, each with unique attacks and weaknesses

  • Complete wiki of humorous universe and backstories

  • Steam Achievements

  • Cloud Save

  • Full xbox gamepad support + Steam controller configuration

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Now the normal blurb is out of the way, I would like to go on record and say WTF!? - I had the pleasure of meeting these guys at Insomnia 63 and after achieving (if I remember correctly) what we think was the highest score on their game at the event; I was passed a business card and a free CD Key (Thank you very much!). Now back to the 'WTF' bit. I was streaming this game and did a give away where you could win a cd key of the game itself (keys provided by Cyberlamb again, they are just too kind!), and during this stream I got through quite a lot of the waves and got quite high up in the league (got to my first boss fight if i'm not mistaken!)

I have to say there was a huge difference between the one at Insomnia and the one I had. The Insomnia build had unlimited lives and all unlocks. The version that I had made me work my butt off to get them all! But it was totally worth it! After grinding my way through the first round and 3 CD Key winners later, my good friend xXDemXx who was one of the lucky winners of the game, joined me for a match where we then proceeded to do an online co-op. It took us a while to figure out how to revive each other after being killed off by a 'Fatty Freddy', and to be honest it took 3 rounds before I actually looked at the tutorial and saw how to revive team mates and much more. That aside, it makes a great online game as well as a local game, and the one thing I do like is; if you are playing online with friends you can get strategic with it. For example; I would use my Neutron storm to kill off a set amount of the wave and then Dem would fire up straight after me, giving us a small advantage and ability to charge our special up again.... Though granted we still didn't beat the bloody round we were stuck on.

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Now normally with games that feature waves of enemies, they chuck you straight into the next round or give you a small breather before the next wave hits you. These guys have given you a breather, but at a cost! If you're quick after completing the round and collecting all the cash that spawns, you do two things 1) Go shopping and get upgrades and new weapons or 2) Start the next round and get a cash bonus! If the timer runs out and not everyone has clicked ready you loose the bonus and the round begins.

I have had the chance to try and battle the boss myself before my friend Dem joined and excuse me for the George Takei reference but 'Oh my......'

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Big ol saw blade with lasers and guns and mini saw balls coming at you. And it isn't easy... AT ALL! The term 'solid' couldn't be more accurate! And I just realised the picture above has a Red Dwarf reference in there... Nice one boys! So to round this game up, if you like wave games that are fast paced and a bit of team work, this game is for you! 

Ryan's Tips & Tricks

  1. Oh Wheely? - Scroll out with your mouse wheel! You can see the whole arena and this gives you a bit of an advantage when trying to find out where they are coming from
  2. Shocking stuff - Neutron Storm is probably my favourite of the specials  (when you can afford to get the recharge timer sorted, it will help you with massive swarms)
  3. Super Smash Melee! - Melee is good if you have little creatures that are getting too close for comfort! So stop firing and just smack 'em!
  4. MONEY!? - Sprint for the money. If you're playing co-op then have one person cover the top half and one cover the bottom; that way you can get into the shop quickly and get your bonus
  5. Get that Parkour - You can jump on this game! Highly recommend if you're being surrounded to just vault the damn wall and leg it!


Can you survive the Deathpit? Only one way to find out!


8 / 10

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