Insomnia 63

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Insomnia 63
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Location: NEC Birmingham

What is it?: Gaming Festival

For How Long?: 2 nights (weekend)

By Ryan Holmes

Now, in the time I have been gaming you would have thought I would have been to a proper LAN party.... NOPE! I've done the usual where you take your console over to your mates place and do system link and that is as far as I ever went. Insomnia 63... Now this is what I call gaming!

The event officially started on the Thursday but I did not get there until the evening of Friday, now big shout out to my friend MagicMonkey88 (Twitch Handle), for giving me a BYOC + Camping ticket for my birthday! Anyway I slung my computer, screen, keyboard, mouse etc all in the back in of car along with about 8 cans of monster and set off to Birmingham to which my friend and I lugged my pc equipment down to event setup and hooked up.

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Once I checked in, I came upon the beauty of a true LAN party hall... Walking through that door way was something else, row after row after row of computers end to end on tables playing every game under the sun, along with chill sections and board games (Oh and lets not forget the VR sections and DDR !). I was literally in gamer heaven! The network was beautifully set up and handled and showed no signs of problems so big shout out to the network team!

There were community events for every game such as CS:GO, Overwatch, PUBG, LoL, Fortnite, Team Fortress 2, everything! And literally a stone's throw away from where I was sitting was the E-Sports area where matches for games like Rocket League were taking place, and needless to say? After food I was up gaming all night and I regret nothing from this, despite me lagging like an S.O.B as I type this article out.

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As the day approached without my knowledge (we are in a hall with no lights and windows, the only way I would have been able to tell is the clock!) We got ready to go check out the actual festival itself which was next to the BYOC hall, so proceeding forward I found myself staring at what I could only describe as a real life Rocket League, using drones. Instantly to my left I was greeted with rows of 100 computers and a plane prop which could only mean one thing to me..... PUBG Tournament! Proceeding through the hall I found myself looking at cosplayer sections, retro games, retro stores, new games being demo'd, activities section, food stalls, game hardware and Indie areas with plenty of merch stores. There was literally fun for everyone here, including robot wars!

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Now, we all know gaming events wouldn't be totally complete unless we had some meet and greets with internet famous people. And they were here too! I managed to meet my favourite youtubers Dawko, Bazamalam, 8bitryan & DaGames! Went along told DaGames I think his music is great, Dawko congrats him on his incredible 50 20 mode on FNAF Ultimate Custom Night. I have been following 8bitryan heavily with most of his games on youtube, and also Bazamalam's collab for 8bitgamers!

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Then to round it all off, I went to a comedy night featuring none other than John Robertson, the creator of the truly amazing show called 'The Dark Room'

Now, I've never laughed so much in a very short space of time, and it was quick off the mark with his jokes and always had the crowd on the edge of their seats. He was definitely not one to stay on stage considering he spent most of the time jumping about like a Pony, or swinging a bag of beans around while running between the audience or indeed smashing the bag on a member of the audience's chest! For those of you who aren't aware of what 'The Dark Room' is, it's a live action text adventure game. One member from the audience gets chosen at random and has to pick one of four options, that is on the screen ie Find the light switch to which he instantly replies 'How will you find the light switch? Your in the dark room! You need to be able to see, do you see?' to which if you were to say yes I see he would come back with a rather epic 'BULLSHIT!' I personally and highly recommend you watch John and The Dark Room.

So if you want a LAN party, Insomnia has everything you could ever need! And I would highly recommend it along with the camping to give you the real ultimate experience!

The Ultimate Gaming Festival for the UK


10 / 10

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