The Dark Room

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The Dark Room
  • Developer: Stirfire Studios
  • Platform: PC
  • Release Date: 2018-09-20 00:00:00
  • Genre: Misc
  • Reviewed By: Ryan Holmes
  • Price: TBA
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The Dark Room is the videogame adaptation of the interactive stage show 'The Dark Room' by comedian John Robertson. So play this game and then when the show comes to your town, gather with the other survivors..... but just remember - YA DIE! YA DIE! YA DIE! YA DIE! 

I awoke to find myself staring at my computer screen at Insomnia 63 eagerly awaiting the show by John Robertson called The Dark Room. I've known about the show for a very long time but I've never had the chance to actually see it until now. The show is AMAZING! I can't stress how funny it is and how the comedian himself is quick witted, hard hitting, and let's face it, random AF! And when he annouced that the game was being made of his show; the atmosphere was indescribable. Here is a short clip from the show that I attended:


The Dark Room

Enter the Game Master, who emerges from the shadows with his Poundland torch and some guys who are very good with the Unreal Engine, facial tracking and graphics. What do you get?! 'YOU AWAKE TO FIND YOURSELF IN THE DARK ROOM' GAME!

I have to say, when I first booted the game up after getting my mits on it early for this review, I didn't know what to expect. I went in knowing what the show was like but not expecting anything because it all changes every time! After going through sat in pitch black, I then see this guy approach from the darkness. Enough to give you nightmares right? If I am right, then congratulations John you did it! I'll never sleep again!

The Dark Room

The game is not only a text adventure game, but it is a comedy one to say the least. He keeps it true to his show the best that he can, from the Loading Anxiety to the flamboyant potato! (We can't forget that!) - Now being in early access, like anything, you will find bugs and I did find a few where the animation would stop then I would be faced with the next selection of options or I died and then the animation continues after i've hit restart from check point BUT that's what you get from beta games and I saw past them, because of the level of humour involved within the game.

The Dark Room

Before you start the game you have to do a moral test, i.e There is a cat. If you grab it, you will hurt it, but if you do grab it, it will save your life. You have 2 choices: Grab it or don't grab it. You're then hit with an epic 'There's a gorilla. Grabbing its balls is a mistake do you choose to grab it or don't grab it?!' Yeaaa.... I couldn't resist that one! So in the words of John when I clicked 'Grab them,' 'YA DIE YA DIE YA DIE YA DIE'. Oh and I almost forgot, your name is Darren! Remember that!

The Dark Room

I sat and played this my partner Suzy, who was trying to use logic to determine how to escape the dark room. As we figured out, logic does not work with this game! If you have seen the show you will know that you cannot use logic, you cannot use 'obviously it's that' answers because chances are you're gonna die choosing those answers. I will say however, that some of them are trick answers which could make you progress, but leave you thinking 'what the...'

The Dark Room

This game has great potential and there have been over 3 hours worth of content recorded for it. I look forward to watching this get bigger and better. As the game progresses in the build stages I can see it really turning into a flamboyant potato! And if John is doing a gig near you, I strongely suggest you go and see him and bring some painkillers because your sides will split from laughter. The game comes out on the 20th September 2018 so get it in the wish list and get ready because YA BUY YA BUY YA BUY YA BUY! 


You awake to find yourself in a dark room!


9 / 10

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