Ye Fenny: Revenge of the evil good shepherd

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Ye Fenny: Revenge of the evil good shepherd
  • Developer: DPAD-FTW
  • Platform: PC|Android
  • Release Date: 2017-12-01 00:00:00
  • Genre: RPG
  • Reviewed By: Ryan Holmes
  • Price: £2.09 / $2.99
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Welcome to the beautiful lush planet of Ye Fenny. Explore 9 different areas through 15 phases. Battle the evil inhabitants that plague the lands of Ye Fenny with 4 different weapons. Destroy all 9 of The Evil Good Shepherds apprentices in hard-hitting boss battles, and come face to face with the shepherd himself.

I have played many games in my time. I can remember playing on the Comodor 64 where we played using casettes instead of discs or game key codes.... AND I AM ONLY 28!? This game has a real old school feel about it which I love. Enter Ye Fenny!


For an old school game, it confused me from the moment I started playing it. The game starts off by telling you the story of what's happening and then swings you 'The Young Outlander' into rescuing these poor people from the Evil Good Shepherd.... wait 'evil'..... 'goo- I'm not even going to try and work that one out! The controls are just as confusing, considering there aren't any real instructions. WASD are pretty standard game keys to use, but you have to also use the arrow keys as well! So when it says 'Press button 1', it actually means the left arrow. Aside from the controls, I questioned most of the creatures I was shooting with my blob gun, for example the rabbits that fire pickles, the randomly exploding sheep, and even the screaming fish! Admittedly, they were creative with the other characters when it came to the cut scenes.


The developers put a lot of effort into the costumes and the poor but on purpose lip sync and to be honest, it did made me laugh!

This game is not to be taken seriously in any way, shape or form, it is about enjoying games and having a laugh! Or at least that is how I felt when I played it. The difficulty curve does exist within the game as well and changes as the game progresses. There are also different modes of play from being top down to platform, and even an underwater mode (Yes, the kind that everyone hates as well! Even admitted by the developer himself as he watched me play it!). After giggling my way through each level and trying to figure out where my objective was, I was then greeted with a curve ball platform, The little prick helicopter! - No, that's not me unnecessarily cursing, it is the given name by DPAD-FTW.


Furthermore, when I originally said that this game is not to be taken seriously, I literally meant it! The Dev trolls us by sticking a coin inbetween two blocks so that you can't get through nor are you able to shoot....I mean seriously! Who does that!?

Blasting your way through the blocks, bats and possible snipers, you meet a very, very, VERY drunk guard who's sitting at the top of the map.  You are lead into a complete weapon of a maze! The maze has hidden walls and pathways that, lets face it..... no normal person would see unless you were the dev (thanks DPADFTW) and just to top that all off, you then have to navigate your way to the evil good shepherd. This game is definitely for those who can sit there and go 'WTF did I just play?' but still have had a great time and a sore stomach from the intense laughter.

Normally at this point I would list out my usual tips and trick, but this time I can't! I have sat at my screen blankly wondering what the hell I am going to write, but you simply can't make tips and tricks for a game that is just meant to be enjoyed! And in all fairness, I tip my hat off to DPAD-FTW for this. No tips and tricks means that you've created a game to which there are no set ways of gaining advantages or cheating your way through each level.

To end this review, no game would ever be complete without the bonus round!


Yes, you guessed it! It's a Christmas bonus round. This round is complete with snowmen, candy canes, trees, historical street lights and the 'hohoho' from Santa himself! I don't even know anymore... I'm just going to go sit in a dark room and hope I can make some sort of sense of this game before my brain spontaneously combusts!

I don't even know anymore. I'm just going to go sit in a dark room!


9 / 10

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