Reviewer / Streamer

  • Full Name: Williams
  • Twitch URL: https://www.twitch.tv/triggerftu
  • Twitter: https://twitter.com/fantomphox
  • Bio:

    Greetings! i'm Triggerftu most know me as Phox, or Fantomphox.

    FTU means From The Unknown, many ask why and the reason behind that is still to be!

    So a little about Myself! i'm a gamer always have when i was but a Young lad, my father had presented me with the opportunity to enjoy some of the technology and entertainment he enjoined just as much when he went to the arcades as a kid.

    I'm a programmer of sorts, and do voice impersonations of characters both games and cartoons! i've been for some time known as the "Shaggy" of Twitch streaming.

    I've been streaming for 6 years across multiple platforms and found myself stickin it here on twitch because it's the biggest gaming platform filled with gamer's of all sorts from all over the world.